By joining the Guerbet Group, you are choosing to work for a world leader in the field of diagnostic and interventional imaging. Our specialisms are contrast agents, medical devices and new technologies applied to medical imaging. Passionate about their job, our 2,700 employees make a daily commitment to providing innovative solutions to improve the prognosis and quality of life of patients in over 80 countries. Each of our employees has chosen Guerbet for different reasons, but primarily because we encompass the values upheld by our employees.




“Every year, Guerbet recruits between 250 and 300 employees in France and worldwide, in positions spanning from sales and R&D to industrial functions. The profiles we are seeking must support the development of all our radiology-related activities, including contrast agents, injection equipment and digital solutions. We want to expand our team of field sales representatives and key account managers, along with our teams of specialized service technicians, regulatory affairs or pharmacovigilance experts, production engineering specialists, quality-focused pharmacists, developers and digital technology experts. A whole host of positions that are both interesting and useful, since their objective is to make medical diagnosis ever more reliable. This ambition, which inspires us each and every day, could perhaps one day be yours.” Petra Zalabak, HR VP at Guerbet Group